Why us?

the amount of

our clients’ molds that we have on our

manufacture right now


number of injection molding machines,

with clamping force up to 550 tons


of non-stop partnership since our

first clients


of experience in the contract

molding market

We can

- Manufacture large production batches, we produce 4 million items a day.

- Organize delay-free delivering, we work 24/7 - provide flawless quality.

- We have experience in manufacturing difficult medicine products witch always demands following the highest standards.


Injection molding is a method which using for manufacturing
plastic products by injection molten materials into a mold, then the
material gets cold and crystallizes.

    Benefits of this method:
  • - capability to produce difficult and various shaped items of any color, texture and technical characteristics;
  • - thickness and solidity of products’ walls are higher than of the products that were made by other methods;
  • - high level of size accuracy and stability of the result we get.

More details about the technologies we use you can find here.

Own tool-room

Production and service of molds

Our tool-room is one of the best in Russia and CIS. Perint is a lead manufacturer of plastic package, the main advantage of our package is high quality. All molding tools using during manufacture we produce by ourselves. We use all exhaustive practices during producing molds for our clients.

Our tool manufacture have more than 30 items of equipment. We can do full circle works.

Modern equipment

Injection molding
    Our manufacture is fitted with 98 modern injection molding machines of brands:
  • - HUSKY
  • - BMB
  • - COSMOS
  • - ZHAFIR
  • - ENGEL

Clamping force is up to 550 tonnes. We can help you to choose more suitable machine therefore optimize the product cost.


We can use most types of plastic
  • PP – polypropylene;
  • HDPE, LDPE – polyethylene;
  • PP+ – polypropylene, filled with minerals and glass;
  • PC — polycarbonate;
  • PA (6, 6.6) — polyamide, polyimide filled with glass;
  • Santoprene — elastoplastic rubber;
  • SAN — styrene acrylonitrile copolymer;
  • TPE – thermoelastoplast.

Molding with embedded parts

Pad printing

3D modeling and 3D prototyping

Repair of molds

Order of molds from abroad

How it works
    We provide two types of customized molding:
  • - molding using client’s tools;
  • - full circle manufacture (more details: Project support).

Mostly our company works with large production batches. We always expect long-term partnership.

    Cost is calculated case-to-case, it depends on several circumstances:
  • - Expected value of production lot.
  • - Features of mold (the amount of cavities, type of channel, planning output).
  • - Difficulty of product.
  • - Special needs of a client.