Will we ever stop using plastic?

Substitution of plastic package by any alternative one (glass, paper or metal) doesn't make any fundamental difference not for environmental nor economic situation. Nowadays the plastic package is better option for many reasons.

If we refuse plastic package it will lead to reduction of purchasing power and also to increasing of usage of subsoil resources.

Producing one 0.5l plastic container we:
use 85 times less

water than producing glass package

use 27 times less

water than producing paper

use 4 times less

electricity than producing aluminum package

use 9 times less

electricity than producing glass package

got 33 times less

carbon emission than during producing aluminum package

got 68 times less

carbon emission than during producing glass bottles

What kind of plastic do you use? Could it be dangerous for health?

    For the production of food packaging, we use Polypropylene.
    This is a type of polymer that:
  • - safe for human health;
  • - recommended for use in the food industry;
  • - one of the few types of plastics that can withstand heat up to high temperatures - does not melt and does not emit harmful substances;
  • - is resistant to fats and alcohols;
  • - can be reused;
  • - can be recycled.

We advise you to pay attention to the label when choosing a product. This is especially true for those products that will be heated directly in the container. Choose products with "5", "05", "PP" on the packaging, that is, polypropylene.

Do you recycle plastic?

We recycle defective goods from our manufacture, about 30% we recycle ourselves, 70% we sell outside recycle companies.

Do you produce items using recyclate?

We can use recyclate for producing customized products, but only if it fits customer’s requirement. But for food packaging and medicine products manufacture we use only raw material.

Do you have any emissions during manufacture?

According to the results of the sanitary and epidemiological expertise of FBUN "North-Western Scientific Center for Hygiene and Public health" was issued by an expert conclusion that JSC "Perint" complies with current regulations legislation.

In accordance with clause 1.2 of SanPiN "Sanitary protection zones and sanitary classification enterprises, structures and other objects" production site of JSC "Perint" not a source of negative environmental and health impacts person. This sanitary and epidemiological conclusion issued by the Federal Service in the field of consumer protection and well-being person.

    What does your company do to improve the environment?
  • We recycle defective products and use them as secondary raw materials.
  • We invest in the purchase of modern injection molding machines, from which there is no emission of harmful gases.
  • Our equipment has low heat generation.
  • The company conducts strict multi-stage control on wastewater treatment.
  • Contracts for collect and proper disposal 12 various types of garbage.
  • We save energy: the company has sensors movements that allow you to turn on the light only when it is Necessary.

During manufacture process we minimized all negative factors that could maintain bad influence on environment and human health.